Monday, January 18, 2016

Hydromassage bathtub SWG-1809

Hydromassage bathtub SWG-1809 SWG-1809, 220V, American standard plug-Shipment to Thailand.

Features: 150*150*67cm
1.0Hp driving motor
200W air blower(as an optional extra)
4 big whirlpool jets
8 small jets
8 air jets on the bottom(driven by the air blower)
1 Underwater light
1 suction
Storage rack
Loud Speaker
Overflow drainer
Tapwares built in brass
Control pad (controling air pump, whirlpool pump lights and FM radio.

packing with plywood box 

Internal bubble wraps to protect the bathtub from  scratches

Strong Plywood crates.

Top Views 

Top views

The accessories of foam pillows and shower hose, handshower and bath filler

Top Views

Front Views 

Small Jets 4 on the right, 4 on the left.

Computor control panel: FM radio, underwater lights, air blower(optional), whirlpool pump, 

Underwater lights --color automatically changes in every 3 to 5 seconde-Creating a much more 
comfortable bathroom experience

Bath Suction

Big Massage Jets--4 pcs in all 

Front Decoration

Loud Speaker on the apron(skirt)

A Storge place with a towel rack-- you can put here your shampoo boxes, soap, stuff like that .

This American Standard plug-This is to be built to each country's standard.
And it comes with an anti shock( electricity leakage or a short ) device.

200W air blower coming as an optional extra.

It blowers air to bathtub through air jets on bottom therefore enhances the hyromassage effect

The control box for the whirlpool system.

Basically 1.0Hp pump would be just fine with a 2 person jacuzzi bathtub. 

1.0 Hp water pump to operate 4 big jets and 8 small jets.

Separate Air blower to operate additional 8 air jets. 

Tapware built in sold brass and finished in bright chrome

Small Air jets on the bottom.

Bathtub Overflow with Drain

Waste and Drain

Steel welded framing under the bathtubdd

Air regulator-- control the air flows in the water pipes therefore increase of 
decrease the hydromassage density

Bruce won in the tub 

Bruce in the tub 

Bruce In the tub 

Final packing.

Written by: Bruce Won

Contact: +86 15257104449

Company: Hangzhou Casa Baths N' Showers



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